Tour De France

The Tour De France passes by the chalet as they climb up to the famous Col De Tourmalet almost every year and passed twice in 2010. The schedule is announced in the autumn for the following year’s Tour Du France Stages and passes Chalet Hay as the riders begin the 23km, 13 degree incline up to the Col Du Tournament.

Staying at Chalet Hay for the Tour De France week places our guests in an ideal position to view the tour as it passes by, hundreds of people line the mountain roads up to the famous summit, even on the roads adjacent to the chalet at the start of the incline. Alternatively you can drive up to La Mongie village in the morning before the race, park the car and then wander up towards the Col until you find your perfect spot. It is estimated approximately forty thousand people watch the tour pass la Mangier, so the atmosphere is fantastic.

Instead of renting out Chalet Hay in 2011, we decided to visit ourselves for the Tour de France week. It was a fantastic spectacle. We drove our car from the Chalet along the back road to ARTIGUES, which is about 3km away from Chalet Hay. We parked up and set up our seats and picnic and relaxed before the cyclists arrived. The Caravan passed by one hour before the cyclists with the sponsors throwing out all sorts of freebies from lorries and cars with the music pumping out, great fun especially for the children. The cyclists cruised past over a 10- 15 minute period (the local tourist office suggested we find the steepest place as they will be going the slowest) with the crowd going crazy and helicopters overhead! A great day, we quite fancy cycling the route now, down!!